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Bled Strategic Forum international conference

Bled Strategic Forum international conference is the leading conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe. It takes taking place annually at the end of summer in the picturesque Alpine setting of Lake Bled, Slovenia.

The conference is a gathering of participants from various fields with diverse knowledge, encouraging them to exchange views and generate ideas to address present and future challenges. In addition, the conference also offers a unique opportunity for tailored meetings and networking with regional and global stakeholders.

Bled Strategic Forum international conference is the central event of the Bled Strategic Forum.

BSF 2023


Here you can access Bled Strategic Forum 2023 Programme with speakers

Here you can access Bled Strategic Forum 2023 high-level participants list

Speakers Biographies can be found here.

Bled Strategic Times

Bled Strategic Times is the official gazette of the Bled Strategic Forum. The Bled Strategic Times offers an additional platform alongside the Bled Strategic Forum to voice the positions on diverse topics to political leaders, thinkers, business representatives and academics.


Participants can take a train from Ljubljana to Lesce and vice versa. Shuttles will be provided from the train station in Lesce to the conference venues in Bled.

Trains will be operating according to the schedule of the railways accessible on the website of Slovenske železnice

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bled Strategic Forum an invite-only event?

The BSF is an invite-only event and access is only possible through the possession of an official invitation.

Why do I need accreditation and where can I pick it up?

BSF is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of all participants and accompanying staff. In order to ensure this, a range of security measures will be in effect.

Participants will be requested to undergo a security check as access to the venues shall be limited. A colour-coded badge system will be in effect during the event and we kindly ask you to wear your badge visibly at all times when accessing the Forum venues.

Please note you will not gain access to the main conference venue without first collecting your badge at the accreditation centre.



The pick-up of accreditations will be possible at the BSF Registration and information point in hotel Rikli Balance on:

SUNDAY, 27 August between 18:00 and 20:00

MONDAY, 28 August between 8:00 and 22:00

TUESDAY, 29 August between 7:00 and 16:15

Where does the Bled Strategic Forum take place?

The Bled Strategic Forum takes place at Bled, Slovenia. The main Forum venues are the Bled Festival Hall and Rikli Balance Hotel.

What language will be used during the Bled Strategic Forum?

The working language of the event is English.

Is there a dress code at the Bled Strategic Forum?

Dress code is business formal.

How can I come to Bled in a sustainable way?

Bled Strategic Forum participants can travel for free by train to the Bled Strategic Forum. Participants can take a train to Lesce. From Lesce train station to Bled, shuttles will be provided to the conference venues.

Trains will be operating according to the official schedule accessible on the website of Slovenske železnice

I'm coming to Bled by car - where can I find parking?

No special parking options will be provided for participants. Public parking spaces can be found on this interactive map.

Here you can find the list of public parking areas at Bled – with the map added (the list of e-charging places is also included). Do keep in mind that public private places are also very limited.

I cannot join Bled Strategic Forum this year, but would like to follow the discussions online - what do I need to do?


The live stream of Day 1 will be on BSF YouTube account. 
The live stream of Day 2 will be streamed only on BSF YouTube and only certain panels.

Where can people find live streams on the BSF website?
Live streams of videos will be published on Bled Strategic Forum website.

The information will also be shared on our social media.


The photos from the event can be found on Bled Strategic Forum Flickr account.

Accommodation and travel costs

Participation at the Bled Strategic Forum is free of charge, while the costs of hotel accommodation and the travel (to Slovenia) are covered by Forum participants themselves.

With the hope of making your stay at Bled as smooth as possible, we are happy to offer some ideas for accommodation, which can be found here:

Hotels in the vicinity of the Forum venues are Lovec Hotel, Rikli Balance Hotel, Astoria Hotel, Savica Hotel, Park Hotel and Grand Hotel Toplice.

BSF Shuttle service from Ljubljana airport to Bled and back

We wish to provide a comfortable and fast journey between the Ljubljana airport and Bled for all Bled Strategic Forum participants.

For this reason, we will be providing a free shuttle service between Ljubljana airport and Bled. 

The shuttle service will be running at 30-45 minute intervals.

The shuttle pick-up point at Ljubljana Airport is next to the Arrivals area, more information can be found at the BSF Info Desk.

The main drop-off (and pick-up point for departures) in Bled is in front of the Rikli Balance Hotel (the point will be flagged) – see attached.

Upon your return to the airport, please note that during rush hours the service pick-up times could vary and delays are possible– nevertheless, our team will make sure the wait times will not be too long.


Upon your arrival at Ljubljana Airport, there will be a »BSF Info Desk« in the Arrivals section. Bled Strategic Forum volunteers will be there to offer assistance in case you will need it.

The staff of the Info Desk will direct you to the BSF shuttle pick-up point in front of the Airport.

Once a shuttle arrives, registered panelists will be given priority boarding.

Going back home: BLED (and BOHNIJ, RIBNO) DEPARTURES

The pick-up points for Ljubljana Airport Departures are in front of the Rikli Balance Hotel, Hotel Ribno Bled and Bohinj Eco Hotel with Rikli Balance being the main pick-up point (flagged location).

For departures keep in mind your flight times. It is advisable to be at Ljubljana Airport at least 2 hours prior to your flight – planning ahead is crucial. For example, in the case that your flight leaves at rush hour (i.e. 7-9 am, 15-18 pm) plan your shuttle boarding accordingly due to heavier traffic on the road.

I am a journalist. Where can I find more information?

Press releases and more can be found under Press.


Press centre will be open in hotel Park following the next schedule:

  • Sunday, 27st August from 15:00 to 19:00
  • Monday, 28st August from 8:00 to 22:00
  • Tuesday, 29th August from 7:00 to 19:00.

For more information, please contact:

– Sandra Letica Pavčič (, 00386 51 379 211) – for media logistics,

– Andrej Savelli (, 00386 31 855 127) – for media logistics,

– Anja Zupanc (, 00386 30 422 117) – for media accreditation.

Bled Strategic Forum stands in solidarity

Donations of Slovenian citizens and companies

  • Republika Slovenija – proračun: SI56 0110 0630 0109 972
  • Naslov: Gregorčičeva 20, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Namen: Odprava posledic poplav
  • Koda namena: CHAR
  • Sklic za pravne osebe: 18 10995-7300000-23011214
  • Sklic za fizične osebe: 18 10995-7301006-23011214

Donations of for foreign citizens and companies 

  • Name of Account number: Budget of the Republic of Slovenia
  • IBAN: SI56 0110 0600 0077 526
  • Address of the recipient of donations: Gregorčičeva 20, 1000 Ljubljana
  • Name of bank: Banka Slovenije
  • Address of the bank: Slovenska 35, 1505 Ljubljana
  • Donations are possible in EUR, CHF, GBP in USD
  • SEPA Payment Code: CHAR
  • Purpose of payment: floods – BSF

Slovenia has been dealing with the devastating consequences of the recent floods, one of the worst natural disasters in the country’s history. The extreme flooding caused by severe weather conditions and heavy rainfall has claimed six lives, cut off bridges, roads, electricity and water supplies, ruined residential and other buildings  and forced tens of thousands to leave their homes. The natural catastrophe hit two thirds of the country, with floodwaters and landslides leaving behind unimaginable and unparalleled damage.

You have a possibility to “Stand in solidarity” with the affected ones:

–        Please donate for flood relief
–        Offer strategic views on and solutions to the most pressing issues of today and tomorrow

Empathy is a precondition of solidarity. Without the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, we cannot comprehend the world around us.

Thank you for your donation.


Bled Strategic Forum 2023 Partners

A growing number of Slovenian and international business people recognize the
BSF as an opportunity for new cooperation, networking, and forging new partnerships.







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