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Bled Strategic Forum roundtable discussion – March 15, 2022

Yet again history makes its mark on Europe.  

The war in Ukraine, instigated by Russia, will have a lasting impact on European security. The conflict, which has broader geopolitical implications, could signal a beginning of growing instability in various other regions such as the Balkans, South China Sea, or Taiwan. Furthermore, the conflict could spill over into EU countries. The international order based on the equality of sovereign countries is crumbling before our eyes. Simultaneously we are witnessing unity and vigour of the European Union and NATO in its responses to the Russian aggression. Europe is uniting and the Transatlantic partnership is reinvigorated. Security is again at the forefront and the European Security Architecture is and has to change drastically.

On the 15th of March Bled Strategic Forum, Centre for European Perspective and the Atlantic Council held a discussion titled Aggression on Ukraine: Lining up the West – a discussion aimed at uncovering the wider consequences of the war in Ukraine for European security and geopolitical implications of Russian aggression in Ukraine.

The introductory remarks were delivered by Ambassador Iztok Mirošič, BSF Programme Director, with panel speakers Mr Mykhailo Gonchar, Founder & President, Center for Global Studies “Strategy XXI”, Ukraine, Dr Stefan Meister, Head of Program for International Order and Democracy, German Council on Foreign Relations, Mr Jernej Müller, Political Director, Director-General, Directorate for Common Foreign and Security Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia and Ms Anna Wieslander, Director Northern Europe, Europe Center, Atlantic Council.

The discussion was moderated by Ms Katja Geršak, Executive Director, Centre for European Perspective.    

Missed the discussion?

You can watch it here:

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