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The Overture to Bled Strategic Forum 2021 Young Bled Strategic Forum 2021 begins

In the coming two days, a group of 20 youth leaders holds a central role in taking on the most pertinent issues on the Future of Europe. Participation of youth in European affairs and, moreover, the role of youth in addressing and resolving the contemporary challenges of Europe will be in the spotlight of Young Bled Strategic Forum 2021  captioned Future of Europe – Youth at the Centre. The vision of a youth-friendly, -inclusive and youth-centred Europe begins taking shape today, August 29th, in Bled.

The Bled Strategic Forum and Young Bled Strategic Forum, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Centre for European Perspective,  recognise the importance of cooperation and continue to guarantee a platform for various stakeholders, including decision-makers, members of academia, the private sector, young representatives and young leaders, members of media, think thank and NGO representatives, to participate as partners in an open discussion on some of the most pressing challenges.

This year’s edition of Young BSF will focus on the inclusivity of youth in European affairs. Its deliberations in the form of workshops, trainings and other activities organised in cooperation with experienced partners will engage the participants with the challenges of youth engagement and equip them with the skills that will help them effectively participate in various building blocks of society, ranging from education, the labour market, social affairs and decision-making.

The program activities would not be possible without the support of the Central European Initiative, Danube Transnational Programme, Zavarovalnica Triglav and Regional Cooperation Council and programme contributors, who are supporting the Young Bled Strategic Forum on its mission, creating opportunities for young leaders to broaden their knowledge, experience and professional capacities, as well as to contribute its piece of the puzzle to the creation of a more open, democratic and tolerant society.

We’re incredibly honoured to host young leaders from all corners of Europe at Bled and shape the Future of Europe with Youth at the Centre in the coming week.

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