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2020 Bled Strategic Forum



If we wish to create a resilient and sustainable global community, capable of responding to the challenges of the 21st century, the reinvention of our societies is inevitable.

The current global economic, political and security systems are inadequate if we truly seek to implement the goals set for our future There is a growing discrepancy between our actions an objectives, leading to the rise of uncertainty, fear, populism and inequality in our societies, thus leaving people without a clear and united voice about our common future. We have arrived to a breaking point where we need to start asking ourselves the right questions and find proper answers.

New rules of global interaction will be required to address relations between states, global enterprises and citizens. Is there a common purpose beyond profit? If there is, how do we go about implementing it? How do we redistribute the global wealth in ways that will convince our citizens in about the sustainability of our actions?

There is a new, green wave emerging across the globe, spearheaded by young people, who wish to see change now. This change comes with a price and new responsibility, specifically for political elites and global corporations, which will be required to become the primary agents of this change.

New challenges also bring new opportunities. Technological advances have changed the way we are thinking about universe and space exploration. Artificial intelligence has untapped potential to become a game changer in helping us redefine and reinvent society in a sustainable manner. New means of transport have emerged, as well as new geo-strategic playgrounds with massive potential, like Artic. We are progressively looking at means and ways to reinforce democracy in a plutocratic world and there are new ideas about an effective and purposeful global multilateral system.

The European Union finds itself in the midst of these changes and our ability to understand, adapt and mitigate them will determine our future political, security and economic outreach. In this new reality, EU needs to lead by example and promote/safeguard those values, which enabled us to prosper and develop as an avant-garde project, redefining relations between states, regions and societies.

The 15th Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) international conference will be held on 31 August and 1 September 2020 under the heading “Reinvention” in Bled, Slovenia.

The 10th Young Bled Strategic Forum will be taking place in parallel between 30 August and 1 September 2020 under the title “Reinventing the role of youth“.

The purpose of the Forum, traditionally centred around three main pillars, the future of Europe, sustainable development and digitalisation, is to gather participants from various fields with diverse knowledge, and encourage them to exchange views and seek innovative solutions to present and future challenges. In addition, the Forum also offers a unique opportunity for meetings and networking with regional and global stakeholders.

Download the BSF one-pager.