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What is Young BSF?

• Forum organised on a yearly basis (that connects young individuals and their ideas)
• Platform that engages young participants, before and after the Young BSF in the form of thematic discussions, activities, round table discussions
• Inseparable and interwoven part of the Bled Strategic Forum giving young participants the opportunity to network, discuss their ideas with decision-makers, representatives of international organisations, media, representatives of Academia, members of the private sector and other stakeholders
• Drive for change
• Unique format that recognises the talents and potential of youth and gives them a chance to
make their voices heard
• Bridge between civil society and decision-makers


First Young BSF took place in 2011 under the title ‘The power of the future’. It was established with the aim of bringing together aspiring students and prospective young professionals from the diplomatic, academic, and think-thank fields in both Europe and the Mediterranean region.

Since then the Young BSF has developed from a one-day side event with a couple of the discussions happening on the outskirts of the BSF into three-day separate international conference for young participants from all over the world. Young BSF is a separate event, yet inalienably interwoven with the BSF.


Although the conference has addressed different topics of discussion throughout the years, the leading vision of the Young BSF remains the same: to connect eager, motivated young individuals and active citizens coming from different fields of expertise and offer them a cooperative, creative, and motivated environment for discussions and networking.

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