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Young Bled Strategic Forum 2022 - Democracy fit for the new age

This year Young Bled Strategic Forum (Young BSF) will take place under the title Democracy fit for the new age. It will take place between 26 and the 28 August 2022 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The participants will then participate at the Bled Strategic Forum 2022 from 29 to 30 August.

Check the concept note for more information on the content of this year’s edition.

For more than a decade, the Young Bled Strategic Forum (Young BSF) has been bringing together young leaders aged between 18 and 35 years from all over the world to engage in lively discussions and develop innovative solutions to some of the most pressing global issues. It has become a unique meeting place for a diverse array of young leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, thinkers and social activists, offering them a platform to share their visions, exchange ideas and connect.

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Mitigating our Butterfly Effect – Young leaders join forces within the Young Bled Strategic Forum

Cooperation, dialogue and youth empowerment will hold the central stage within the Young Bled…

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Ana Novak August 25, 2023


In 2021 Young BSF focused on the participation of young people in European affairs: it offered an introduction to the opportunities for their engagement (on the EU level), listing the opportunities for their engagement, it describe the problems they face and the tools they lack for effective participation in society, ranging from education, access to the labour market, social affairs and the possibility to influence the decision-makers. Most importantly, the discussions taking place within the Young BSF 2021 focused on addressing identified challenges and the solutions needed to guarantee that young Europeans truly are the future of Europe.

Young participants of Young BSF 2021 contributed their voices and vision through the preparation of a joint declaration on the Future of Europe they desire, deserve and wish to help create, that will be further supported and promoted within the Conference on the Future of Europe and the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

This was #YoungBSF 2021

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